Soren Kisiel – Co-Author & Co-Director


You'll recognize Broad Comedy Co-Writer and Co-Director Soren Kisiel as the Hummer Driving Man from the video, and the auto-tuned flava' from Baby You Forty.

As Co-Writer and Co-Director of Broad Comedy, Soren has been privy to way too much information on a daily basis for the last ten years with the Broads. Soren is also an internationally touring improv comedian, an award-winning playwright, and a dad. With the Broads Soren also takes on the role of Eye of Remorse Avoidance, making sure we only offend those that we intend to. Soren has a second degree black belt in taekwondo, and is ordained in the Zen Buddhist tradition, which means he could kick your ass if he wanted to but he wouldn’t want to because he’s too frickin’ peaceful.

Soren and Katie have been nominated for the MacArthur Foundation’s Genius grant for their unique work in theater, and for the White House Project’s Emerging Artists Award.

"Fresh and intelligent writing, cutting wit and genuine humor. Kisiel's deft hand provides just the right tone, keeping it light and funny without giving in to crudeness." -The Edge, Boston

"Exuberant! Colossal entertainment value, induced by the joyously vulgar, smart writing…" -The L.A. Examiner

"If you happen to be scouting comedy writers, you would do well to make sure you don't miss Broad Comedy."
Stage and Cinema, Los Angeles

"Kisiel has a genius for elevating the ridiculous to the sublime." -The Chronicle, Bozeman Montana